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The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori and is the definitive reference body for the Montessori movement. House on the Hill strives to embody Montessori methods and philosophy in all that we do.

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Staying true to the values and rigor of Maria Montessori, we use the Nienhuis educational equipment that Maria personally developed with the company's founder,Albert Nienhuis,in accordance with her educational philosophy.

Today, after many decades, Nienhuis continues their tradition of craftsmanship and quality with a unique understanding born from their long association with Dr. Maria Montessori and the many Montessori leaders worldwide. As a result of this alliance, they are the largest of the 3 companies worldwide authorized to manufacture Montessori materials according to detailed blueprints provided by AMI.

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“Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and teaching children about food alongside an innovative menu is the most effective way to instill excellent food values in them.” – Ian Marber

We selected Ian Marber, an internationally renowned nutrition expert, to guide our nutrition policy at House on the Hill, to ensure that the foods we provide are healthy and beneficial for growing minds and bodies. Our meals are nutritionally rich, yet low in salt and sugar. With a well-balanced diet, the children’s energy levels are consistent throughout the day, thus allowing them to concentrate better and engage more effectively in their learning process.

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An important part of the Montessori philosophy is nurturing children to become global citizens who recognize their responsibility to be custodians of the earth and cultivators of peace and harmony. At House on the Hill, we strongly believe in giving back to the community, specifically supporting causes related to children, the arts and the environment. We sponsor local artists and art projects and have hosted young artists creating murals right here at our learning centre. We teach our students about recycling and reducing our environmental impact. We will be offering volunteering opportunities and community assistance programs as we continue to grow; currently we support these charitable organizations:

OH! redefines everyday spaces through art by challenging artists to create new work responding directly to an existing space – a specific neighbourhood, or history, or even a home.

LCSS provides help and assistance to lower income children whose parents have been incarcerated.

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As a leading Montessori early childhood educator in Singapore, we believe Montessori provides children with the best possible opportunity to cultivate the motivation, creativity and,flexibility they'll need to reach their dreams.

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