Why Choose Us?

The best people, who can help you decide if House on the Hill is the right choice for your family, are the parents whose children have been through our programme. Let some of them share their experiences with you.

(Mother of Sara, Graduated in 2016)

"We're truly blessed to have found House on the Hill! Sara enjoyed every single day of preschool and still looks back fondly at her time there even now when she's in Primary Two. I have seen how she has grown in confidence and ability under the patient and child-directed nurturing of her teachers. The school spares no effort to make learning fun and to provide the children with varied and well-rounded learning opportunities. I'm particularly grateful to Ms Asy and Shao Laoshi for their advice on how I can support and motivate Sara's learning in primary school. Their keen observations about Sara's personality and learning style never failed to touch and amaze me. Thank you for preparing Sara so well not just for primary school but for a life of learning ahead!"

(Mother of Leon, Graduated in 2016)

"Leon entered House on the Hill when he was only 18 months old and he graduated when he just turned 6. Many people asked me why Leon eats vegetables and whole grains and has good eating habits. At P1 level, his classmates at SJIJ were amazed by his science knowledge and he always scored between 90-95% in math. He never has issues with English. Very high fluency. After St Joseph Institution Junior, Leon is now in a Gifted Programme at Cornelia Elementary School, Edina, MN, USA. I give all the credits to House on the Hill! Thank you! He is doing fine and still full of fond memories of his teachers."

Jeff and Lisa
(Parents of Lukas and Leilani, Graduated in 2016 / 2017)

"House on the Hill is the only place where my son (who was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD) really felt comfortable, where he could be himself and feel accepted. For this we will be eternally grateful."

(Father of Hugo, Graduated in 2017)

"It's really important to understand that House on the Hill is a school which really cares about your child and you. By putting kids then us first it creates an atmosphere of caring and warmth that few other schools in Singapore can replicate."

(Mother of Ethan, Graduated in 2018)

"From the minute we arrive in the morning you can feel the atmosphere that this amazing team of people create. They are nurturing, patient, highly organised and creative and all these things translate into everything that they do from the school curriculum, organised activities to Parent-Teacher events."

About Us

As a leading Montessori early childhood educator in Singapore, we believe Montessori provides children with the best possible opportunity to cultivate the motivation, creativity and,flexibility they'll need to reach their dreams.

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33 Mount Sophia, 228481
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House on the Hill Montessori Pre-School


We are always on the space-lookout for people to join our team. We provide extensive training in Montessori with an intimate knowledge of each child's talents and interests. If you have what it takes, email us at info@houseonthehill.com.sg


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