Our Vision, Mission
and Approach

At House on the Hill, we stay true to the values and educational excellence of the Montessori method. We focus on an approach of hands-on experiential learning tailored for each individual child. We seek to help each child reach their fullest potential by making learning practical, memorable and fun.

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our vision is

To Nurture Young Minds With A Passion To Learn And Flourish

As a true Montessori pre-school, we believe each child is born with a unique potential waiting to be revealed. With a focus on a well-rounded curriculum coupled with purposeful experiences, we seek to develop each child to their fullest in a nurturing, prepared and open environment.

With a flourished mind, your child defines their own successes, enabling them to excel in both education and life.


To Prepare Young Minds For
Conventional Education And Life Beyond

Our specially-trained Montessori educators help to ensure our curriculum instils strong language and mathematical skills, preparing each child for their next step in either local or international schools.

To cultivate critical and creative thinking skills we weave in curated experiences into our daily activities to make learning both purposeful and natural.

our mission
We focus on each child’s natural gifts and individual path, allowing them to learn essential life-skills at their own pace. Our specialist teachers act as guides to the children on their journey of self-discovery and skill building.
A Prepared Environment
Our spaces are warm, inviting and specifically designed to be safe, accessible and visually pleasing. With manipulatives located around each school, our environments are designed to subtly nurture each child’s sensory development.
Social Harmony
Our school is a community where children acquire the social skills to relate and participate in a harmonious society. Children of different ages are integrated, allowing for mutual learning opportunities between the younger children and their older counterparts.
Parents Partnership
We work hand-in-hand with parents to be a pillar of support for them. From providing specific feedback on their child to giving participation opportunities in school activities, we need the lines of communication open, frank and constructive to help improve their child’s development.
At House on the Hill, we hand-pick our teachers
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