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Our Montessori curriculum focuses on hands-on learning. Children are given the freedom to choose from the wide array of the Montessori apparatus. Teachers allow their students to naturally discover the joy of learning by encouraging them to progress according to their own individual developmental path, in their own time, and through their innate sense of curiosity. Our goal is to ensure children are well-rounded and have a solid foundation in all subjects necessary for academic and life success.


    The Practical Life activities focus around the care of self as well as care of the environment. Through these exercises, children develop lifelong skills and enhance physical coordination, independence, concentration and self-esteem.


    The Sensorial materials provide a range of activities and exercises for the children to refine their senses. Using the child's sensory perceptions, the materials are designed to be ordered or classified according to size, shape or colour, for example.


    Using the hands-on Montessori Phonics approach, children learn to read through building awareness of individual phonic sounds. This provides a solid knowledge base for learning the relationship within a system of word patterns.


    The Montessori Mathematics material helps children grasp the concepts of numeration, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


    Children learn about the world they live in through exposure to the subjects of botany, science, zoology, geography, history and art.


    Through various group activities in the visual arts, music and movement, the children develop their own ways of creative expression and imagination.


    Physical fitness activities help to develop children's gross motor skills as they move, play and interact with the environment.


    Through daily activities and interactions, children develop social and emotional competence as they learn to relate to their classmates and the world around them.


As part of our global focus, House on the Hill is proud to offer our own bespoke Mandarin programme, developed in-house to our purpose-driven specifications. With daily practice and new words every day, engaging activities such as games and storytelling emphasize communication skills and reading. We have recruited native speakers from China who have years of experience teaching Mandarin as a second and third language. Our full-immersion style enables our Mandarin teachers to share their own Chinese customs with our students, leading to a more authentic understanding of the Mandarin language and culture.

Many studies have found that young children are especially receptive to new languages and are therefore able to recognize and replicate complex pronunciations and tones best at this age, preparing the way for life-long fluency. By setting the bar high, we are preparing our students to navigate personally and professionally in an increasingly more diverse world with an ever-growing Asian sphere of influence.

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As a leading Montessori early childhood educator in Singapore, we believe Montessori provides children with the best possible opportunity to cultivate the motivation, creativity and,flexibility they'll need to reach their dreams.

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