In 2012, we welcomed our first students to Tower House, at 12 Mount Sophia. We hoped to create a genuine Montessori pre-school, where children could discover their own unique potential and develop to the full in a warm, safe and nurturing environment.

This year, we celebrate 10 years since we opened our doors. We invite you to join us on-line to mark this moment, reflect on our past, and to look to the future.

Do browse our wall of messages and read memories and messages from our community, past and present. Help us to celebrate by leaving your own messages of support or memories of HotH, or just say Happy Anniversary!

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The House on the Hill Team

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Our Hope for the Future

As we look back and reflect on the last ten years, we also want to look forward to the next ten years, and more.  

Much has changed in the world since we started House on the Hill. When we opened our first school, there were some evergreen and eternal values that we wanted to pass on to our students. These still hold true today, and it seems as though it is even more urgent that our children are equipped with the tools to navigate their futures, to enable them to flourish in the modern world and to be of service to it.

Even though it was founded over a hundred years ago, the Montessori approach to life is relevant more than ever today. We want to nurture our children to become global citizens, custodians of the earth and inheritors of the future. 

Building Confidence Through Independence

Independence is one of the ultimate goals of Montessori work. A child needs independence and freedom in order to learn and grow. This encourages self awareness and confidence in the long run. It is our job as educators and guardians to enable that independence and freedom in a safe and effective manner. We will carry on encouraging independence as a life skill through daily practice and using hands-on learning to foster confident, robust young people.

A Life of Caring

We want our children to grow up caring for other people. Prejudice still exists, unkindness still exists. We role model and teach how to be kind, to share and to be tolerant of each other. We promise to ensure that our children grow up having a sense of community, to prepare them well to be protectors of the world and those around them.  

Social Harmony

Our community is one where children of different ages, genders, abilities, nationalities and ethnicities are integrated. Younger students and their older counterparts learn and support each other. We celebrate and observe different cultural practices and festivals. Through programs such as our holistic Mandarin lessons, children develop an appreciation and understanding of each others way of life. In this increasingly global world, we will help them to develop the social skills to live well with each other.

Environmental Awareness

One of the greatest challenges facing our children will be the environment, and the changes that are happening to it. We engender more than just a passing knowledge of the environment, but love and respect for it too. We will continue to nurture this awareness and a love of nature and heritage will continue to grow.

As we grow from strength-to-strength, it is our commitment and our promise that we will continue to nurture these values. We will prepare our children to go out into the world, full of excitement and curiosity and with a lasting sense of positivity to seize every moment of life.

With best wishes, 

The House on the Hill Leadership Team 

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