HotH Lunch Time Chat Series: The Independent Toddler

HotH Lunch Time Chat Series: The Independent Toddler


Why And How To Help Your Toddler Achieve Independence!

“Help Me to Do It Myself.”- Dr. Maria Montessori

At House on the Hill we believe that nurturing a child’s ability to be independent is both empowering and necessary. Encouraging independence in children from a very young age, helps develop children who are confident and full of joy. Plus, an independent child means that you have less tasks on your plate! So how do you enable your toddler to proudly say “I did it all by myself!”?

Join Mount Sophia Principal, Ms. Marilyn Ow and Principal of our Hollandse Club campus, Ms. Sunshine Goh, as they discuss the importance of independence for young children, how we encourage this skill at House on the Hill and how you can start fostering it at home with Montessorian principles.

Speaker Information

Ms. Marilyn Ow

Principal of our Mount Sophia campus, Ms. Marilyn Ow has over 20 years’ experience in pre-school education. She was instrumental in transforming the House on the Hill dream into a reality, with a shared vision of raising the standards in early childhood education. Ms. Marilyn is a passionate advocate for the excellence of the Montessori Method and is the go-to for all questions on the pedagogy.  

Ms. Sunshine Goh

Ms. Sunshine is Principal of our Hollandse Club campus and a Mom to 2 boys. Being an early childhood educator has been her lifelong passion. With close to 10 years’ experience in pre-school education, Ms. Sunshine lives up to her name and can often been seen around with a bright smile on her face!  

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