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The Chinese have an ancient saying “开门七件事:柴米油盐酱醋茶”. It says that the seven necessities of Chinese culture are firewood (柴 chái), rice (米 mĭ), oil (油 yóu), salt (盐 yán), sauce (酱 jiàng), vinegar (醋 cù) and tea (茶 chá). This is commonly used to illustrate how tea drinking, appreciation and culture is an intrinsic part of the Chinese speaking world. Tea appreciation is an art form, a calm and comforting ritual for many. 

Going grocery shopping is a fun and effective way to practice practical life skills in our daily life. Involving children in meal prepping helps children gain ownership to their decisions which in turn leads to them being more receptive to trying out new foods. 

Parents, have you been facing difficulty getting your child to read? Does your child express resistance in reading words or phrases? This is a common issue and many parents may wonder how to overcome a challenge such as this. Fear not, as you can build a culture of reading at home when you play together with your child!!