Montessori at Home: Fun with Sight Words!

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Parents, have you been facing difficulty getting your child to read? Does your child express resistance in reading words or phrases? This is a common issue and many parents may wonder how to overcome a challenge such as this. Fear not, as you can build a culture of reading at home when you play together with your child!

This activity promotes your child’s reading of sight words, which is part of the language curriculum area in our Montessori classrooms for 3- 6 years old.  Sight words are high frequency words that are usually not able to be phonetically read. Recognising these words well will help your child to read phrases or sentences more fluently. Introducing this fun and engaging activity not only enhances your child’s memory in remembering the sight words to improve the fluency in reading, but it is also a fun and simple activity to work on their gross motor skills as they move around!

Materials Needed:

  • Outdoor Space
  • Chalk

Step 1

Write the sight words on the ground using chalk. Your child’s name is written in the middle as the start point. The words should be in child’s eye view so that they are able to see the letter orientation correctly, instead of inverted view.

Step 2

Call out the sight word for your child to go to the sight word. This is where the fun is! You may vary the movement such as running, skipping, hopping or galloping to the sight word!

Step 3

When your child lands on the correct word, that’s great and do give encouragement for your child to play another round. Your child may then go back to their name as start point.

And there you go! We recommend changing the sight words once you know that your child has mastered the current set of words written. This is the way we have fun with sight words!


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