HotH Family Spotlight: Zoe

Life after House on the Hill is an ongoing series where we look back at how our various graduates have been doing! In this article, we look at graduate Zoe and her life in primary school. Zoe moved to Singapore in 2020, when she enrolled at our Mount Sophia campus. She graduated in 2022 and is now in Primary 1 at an MOE Primary school.

2022  Graduate – Zoe

Parent’s Name – Karen

1. What did you like about House on the Hill?

HotH offers an authentic Montessori curriculum including work cycles with appropriate materials in a mixed aged classroom.

2. At any point in your child’s pre-school years did you have any reservation on how they would cope in Primary/Grade school? 

Yes, I did, as I had some fleeting thoughts about how my child would make a successful transition from a Montessori classroom to the mainstream classroom in Primary School.

2. Did you feel that your child was well prepared for Primary/Grade school in terms of Self Care, Confidence, Curriculum?

Yes, Zoe was very well prepared. The Montessori curriculum at HotH has equipped her with the necessary skills such as practical life skills, exercising autonomy and control, and literacy and mathematical skills.

3. Did you find the primary school transition programme ultimately helpful for your child’s transition?

I appreciate the fact that it was well planned and executed to the best of children’s interests. The programme were bite sized experiences and of a comfortable pace. As such, my child was able to benefit from the primary school transition programme.

4. How is she coping with Primary 1?

It was a huge leap from HotH! However, Zoe has settled in well with the new school routines.

5. What advice do you have for new parents of House on the Hill?

If you are looking for the real Montessori curriculum and an environment that your child would thrive in, HotH is the place to be at!

This is part of an ongoing series for Life after House on the Hill. Read more about some of our other graduates here!