Montessori At Home: Healthy Snacks!

Two areas we take very seriously at House on the Hill are Montessori and nutritious food, so any time we can combine them and share with parents we are pretty excited! 

Having healthy snacks available for children builds healthy eating habits from a young age, and having children help you prepare the snacks is at home Practical Life work! These snacks are great for after school, or even as an activity to do during a playdate. 

Ideas to build your snack platter and how little hands can help: 

    • Hard Boiled Eggs: Once the eggs are boiled and cooled, children can crack them and peel off the shells practicing those fine motor skills. Using a knife and plate, they can slice the eggs in half. 
    • Bananas and Cucumbers: All ages can enjoy chopping up their banana or cucumber into bite size pieces.
    • Dressed-up Apple Slices: Spreading apple slices with peanut butter (or another spread) and sprinkling the top with cinnamon makes for a special treat!
    • Homemade Kale Chips: Children can help wash, dry and then tear the kale leaves into bite size pieces. They can use their hands or utensils to toss the kale in a bowl with a small amount of oil and salt (both optional) and then spread on a baking sheet and bake until crispy. 
    • Flavored water: Children can help fill a jug or pitcher with water and add cut strawberries, lime, mint leaves, cucumber, or berries for infused flavor. They’ll have fun with different flavor combinations!