HotH Family Spotlight: Alevtina Ayurova

We caught up with HotH parent and mum of Leon from our Nido class, Alevtina Ayurova to find out a bit more about hers and Leon’s experience at House on the Hill.

Leon has been attending Nido, our Montessori for Infants section at Balmoral, for almost a year now. He is sweet, lovable and brightens every room that he is in. Thank you Alevtina for sharing your story with us!

1. Hello! What is your name and the name of your child? Hello, my name is Alevtina Ayurova and my son Leon is attending the House on the Hill at Balmoral for almost a year now.

2. Where are you from? Russia.

3. What class is your child in? Leon is attending infant class, Nido.

4. How did you discover House on the Hill?  What did you like about it? A friend of mine had two of her kids in Mount Sophia campus and she was very happy with the school. Once HoTH opened up at Balmoral, which is within walking distance from where we live, it became a strong contender for Leon. I was about to go back to work and was looking for a good, caring and nurturing environment, which I can trust to leave my son for the day.

It was also very important to me that the school and the teachers were listening to my preferences and concerns, whether it be about weaning, sleep schedule or general daily routine. Ongoing communication with the teachers and regular updates is very important as well. I also appreciate the balanced nutritious meal plan the school has, so that I do not have to worry about Leon missing out on the healthy food while at school.

5. Does your child enjoy being a part of House on the Hill? It took a couple of weeks for Leon to get used to the new routine, but since then Leon likes to go to school and he’s always very happy to see his teachers and friends from class.

6. What is your favourite part of House on the Hill? I like that it is relatively small school with an optimal child to teacher ratio, so this way the child gets the attention he needs from the teacher and also gets to know and socialise with his classmates.

7. How has your child developed since starting HotH? Leon definitely has become more social and more inquisitive since he joined the school, which I try to encourage at home as well.

8. What do you think of the teachers in HotH? Teachers are always very nice and attentive to the children. They also follow Montessori guidelines, which is our preference for raising Leon and develops more independence and confidence in children.

9. Do you have any advice for parents thinking of enrolling their child in HotH? Choosing a school for your child is a very stressful exercise, particularly for the very young babies. But based on my experience, I can tell that sending Leon to the HoTH was the best decision. In this school the child will be very well cared for and stimulated for further development, while the parents will receive the necessary communication and their concerns will be listened to.

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