HotH Family Spotlight: Paola Barcacel and Jens Toepfer

Selecting the right school and education style for our children is an important decision. There’s a host of preschools and kindergartens in Singapore with countless learning opportunities, different curriculums and great facilities. But which one is best for your child? Our HotH parent, Paola Baracel caught up with Expat Living last year to talk about her experience at Hoth! Here’s her full interview! Thank you Expat Living!

“Max has been attending House on the Hill for over two years while Oliver attended for almost four years. After researching and visiting various schools, we chose the preschool for a number of reasons: location, curriculum (following the Montessori approach), experienced and caring staff, cleanliness and the importance they place on nutrition (balanced meals are prepared fresh daily).

The team at House on the Hill have been nothing but outstanding, providing a high level of care for our sons. It’s also a small school that helps kids feel welcome quickly. Our eldest Oliver was immediately drawn to his teachers. To this day, he remembers them fondly. He had a lot of fun every day and learnt so much during his time there. It was great to see his love of books blossom once he started to read and write, and the mathematics skills he learnt helped him tremendously when he started Primary 1 at the international school he’s attending now.

Max still attends the preschool and has had some of the same teachers. He enjoys his time at school, and is desperate to catch up with his brother in the reading department! His Mandarin teachers are also always praising him for his involvement in their lessons, which are fun and interactive.

The school also offers optional classes, such as English speech and drama, extra Mandarin, sports, science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) for preschoolers and even optional languages such as Japanese. We enjoy taking part in activities, mainly reading sessions where parents are invited to read books, in their native language if they wish.”

Originally published in Expat Living (March 2020). 

As part of our upcoming Open Week, Ms Paola will be hosting our upcoming Lunch Time Chats, bringing her experience as a mom of two and House on the Hill parent to the table as she chats with Ms. Marilyn on Montessori on 14 Sept, 1pm and with Ms. Jing on Nutrition on 18 Sept, 1pm.

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