Montessori At Home: Maths + Kitchen = Delicious Learning

Cooking with your children can help discourage picky eating, and it is also a great opportunity to practice mathematics with children of all ages! 

For children learning to count, “playing” with their food can be a fun way to practice. Help your child follow a simple recipe where the ingredients keep their shape (for example, cherry tomatoes retain their form, whereas cups of flour blend together in the bowl). For snack, they can count out a set number of fruits to make a fruit salad. For dinner, they can make their own pizzas and top it with a specific number of mushrooms, capsicum, or whichever ingredients you have on hand!

For children who have mastered counting, you can begin to engage them in more complex recipes and introduce mathematical language along the way. They can even help make the pizza dough, “adding” the cups of flour according to the recipe, “taking away or subtracting” the scraps, and “dividing” the dough into individual portions.

The kitchen is full of math, and children are happy to learn in such an engaging and delicious way. Plus, they’ll be happy to eat their vegetable-full creations!