Montessori At Home: Exploring Nature Together!

Montessori does not always mean specific materials found in our classrooms, sometimes it is about reimagining activities we do with our children to better engage their curiosity and develop their senses. Even a nature walk can be Montessori!

This month we encourage you to get outdoors and explore nature with your child. Here are some ideas about how to make it a fun and educational adventure!

1. Have your child carry a basket or canvas tote on a walk around the park. They’ll be encouraged to pick up fallen leaves, small pebbles, feathers, flowers and other treasures from the trail. These can be used for lots of art projects! The children at Pasir Panjang recently made a smiling face out of their found pieces. And of course, if you find litter encourage your children to safely pick it up and recycle or throw it away.

2. Find a small patch of green space, whether it is in the botanic gardens or at the bottom of the block, and set your child up with a sketchbook and some pencils or crayons. You can show them how to make leaf rubbings, or they can sketch the flora and fauna in their line of sight. Choosing a small area will help them practice focus and attention to detail.

3. Download guides to the local flora and fauna to help you identify and interact with Singapore’s environment. Help your child take photos or bring a notebook along to draw sketches of what they find. Later at home, they can compile a book with the images and names of everything they discovered!

Dr. Maria Montessori believed children belonged in nature, and we encourage you to make time in your day to bring your children outside and let them explore! And remember to tell us all about it when you get back!