Montessori At Home: Hanging Artwork!

One easy way to make your home more engaging and appropriate for your child is to hang artwork at their eye level, instead of only at adults’ eye level. Hanging artwork especially for them, where they can easily see it, will welcome them to be curious, ask questions, be inspired and make their own art!

How to hang artwork for your child:

  1. Figure out your child’s eye level! Have them stand against wall and measure.

  2. Find the appropriate place. Kneel to their level and look around the room for a good spot to hang the art, such as next to their bed, in the living room, or wherever they like to play.

  3. Choose some art! Art is everywhere–you can make or buy online prints of famous works, make copies of illustrations from their favorite books, frame old postcards, or make art from pressed flowers found around your Singapore. Get your child involved in the process of choosing too, their choices may surprise you!

  4. As they grow, the art should too! We suggest using 3M strips or other easily removable hanging materials so as your child grows you can change the art in the frames and adjust the height.

Montessori Tips:

Art is everywhere, and the levels of engagement are endless: you can ask your child about the image, introduce new vocabulary through the art work, and challenge them to make their own art!

But you can also hang it and walk away– the biggest reason we hang art for our children is to beautify their space and to allow them to quietly enjoy it