Montessori At Home: Mail Time!

Almost every aspect of our daily routines must at some point be learned: putting on shoes, politely answering the phone, pouring our glass of water.

And while writing a letter in this day and age might not be a daily activity, it is still a life skill and an engaging activity for children of all ages!

Writing a letter can be as fun as receiving one. Try this month to help your child write a letter to a grandparent, friend, or even their teacher at school.

  1. Start by preparing all the materials for your child. For their letter, they will need paper, an envelope, writing or coloring materials, the address of the recipient, and a stamp.
  2. Have your child write or draw a picture that they want to send. If the child is older and is able you can have them ‘sign’ their name, and even start the letter with “Dear… “

  3. Depending on the age of the child you can have them fold the letter to fit the envelope, either on their own or with your assistance.

  4. After sealing the envelope they can stick the stamp in the top corner! You can assist your child to address the letter.

  5. Take a walk to the mailbox and send the letter on its way! Hopefully, you’ll get a response.

Montessori Tips

  • A practical life activity in the classroom would be neatly found all together on a tray, so when the child begins they do not need to interrupt the work to find missing materials. If you don’t have a tray collect the materials together on the child’s workspace.

  • Encourage the child to do as much as they can on their own. If they don’t know how to fold the paper show them with a different piece and get them to fold their own. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fold to fit in the envelope!

  • Talk to your child about where the letter will go and who will collect and deliver it. The mail delivery service is an integral part of their community!

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