Montessori At Home: No-Bake Mooncakes!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is right around the corner. Along with the lanterns and festivities, one particular goodie comes to mind — mooncakes! Mooncakes are delightful sweet treats that are typically shared on the night with family and friends. They come in a variety of crusts (also known as ‘skins’, a direct translation from its name in Mandarin) – e.g. crusty, flakey or snowskin. There are many types of fillings, with the more traditional flavours of lotus paste and red bean, to more modern ones that have ice cream or salted egg!

To celebrate this festive occasion, we’ve found a fun-filled, easy to make mooncake recipe for both you and your child. Let’s grab our ingredients and mooncake mould (alternatively, you can use cookie cutters or your hands) and start cooking!

No-Bake Snowskin Mooncake


  • 600g Lotus Paste (alternatively Red Bean Paste)
  • 250g Snowskin Premix
  • 50g Shortening
  • 50g Glutinous Rice Powder
  • 120g Water
  • Blue Food Colouring (Optional)

How To:

  1. Measure the Snowskin Premix into a bowl

2. Mix the Snowskin Premix and Shortening together in a large bowl

3. Add a few drops of Food Colouring into the Water (Optional)

4. Add Water into the Snowskin Premix and Shortening mixture

5. Using your hands, knead the dough until it is soft and fully combined

6. Divide the dough into approximately 20g pieces

7. Divide the Lotus Paste into 15g balls

8. Flatten the dough piece, then wrap the Lotus Paste filling with it

9. Lightly dust the mooncake mould with Glutinous Flour

10. Place the dough ball into the mooncake mould and press gently

11. Enjoy the yummy mooncakes!


Montessori Tips:

Including your child in everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning is an easy way to include Montessori learning out of school.

First of all, engage with your child when shopping by creating a grocery list with the pictures of what you’ll need to purchase and allow them to find it! This is an enjoyable and exciting way to introduce different foods and products to your child, as well as have open discussions on healthy food.

Then, create a prepared environment  at home when you’re ready to start cooking. Make sure all the materials are ready for your child and you to create the mooncakes. Do let them try to do the recipe steps independently!

Lastly, it’s always important to clean up together, so that they understand and finish the whole process of cooking together.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!