Montessori At Home: Playing and Learning with Water!

This month we’re playing and learning with water! It is easy to do at home, and adaptable for children of different ages. First things first, find a space and a tub. You can use big buckets outside, the bathtub inside, or even bring a non-slip stool over to the kitchen sink. No matter the space is it a good idea to have some towels nearby and watch for slippery areas. 

Filling the tub is can be as much fun as playing in it! Use the filling time as practice for counting and measuring. Children can use a small cup and count how many cups are needed to fill the bucket and how many buckets are needed to fill the tub. It is a great time to introduce older children to standard measuring amounts such as teaspoons and milliliters. 

In Montessori we like to focus the activity on one particular sensory experience or skill at a time. To turn your tub time into a fun lesson you could consider focusing on one of the following topics: 

    • Sink or float: Choose a variety of objects for the child to drop into the water. Older children can make predictions and record the results! 
    • Pouring and filling: including a mix of cups and recycled bottles will encourage children to practice the practical life skills of filling, pouring and transferring the water to different receptacles. 
    • Washing: another practical life skill is washing! With a sponge and a rag children can practice washing and rinsing dishes and toys. 
    • Whisking bubbles: whisking water with a dash of soap to make bubbles can be a fun way to practice a new skill. We recommend using an eco-friendly soap, especially if you’re playing outdoors! 

When it comes time to towel off and drain the tub we suggest finding ways to recycle the water. Some ideas include non-soapy water to water house plants, or adding soap or detergent and using the water for cleaning the floor. Talk with your children about other ways you can recycle the water!