Montessori at Home: Earth Day Medal Craft

In case you missed it, we celebrated Earth Day on 22 April 2021 this year! Earth Day is always a good reminder for us to go green and make our Earth a beautiful place to live in! It is very important that we, the adultseducate our children to learn about respecting our Earth. It is not difficult at all and can be done through simple and fun activities. We have one for you to try in this article! 

At House on the Hill, we are deeply committed to doing our best to be responsible for our waste. All of our preschools take special care to recycle and incorporate recycling of milk bottles, plastics and paper into our activitiesHotH families have been asked to support this by bringing these items to school. We are glad to see children bringing in these materials often and placing them into our recycling containers! 

It is not that hard to do this at home as well! Recycled materials are extremely useful in craft activities – plus children can admire and talk about their artwork after completion. Instead of giving stickers to encourage your child, why not make a medal together? Read on to see how a medal can be made using recyclable materials that you can easily find at home! 

Earth Day Medal Craft

Materials Needed

    • Recycled papers from magazines of pamphlets 
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Plastic bags
    • Round container lid (punch in a hole for the strap to go through)
    • Star-shaped cardboard 


Step 1. Tear the recycled papers into smaller pieces. 

Step 2. Paste the shredded paper as decoration onto the cardboard star using glue.

Step 3. The strap of the medal is made by cutting the plastic bag into 3 strips. 

Step 4. Braiding of the 3 plastic strips can be done to strengthen the strap. This can be done with the assistance of an adult. 

Step 5. Thread the strap through the hole of the round lid. 

Step 6. Paste the decorated star onto the round lid. 

Step 7. The medal is ready. Look at how excited the child is! 

Go ahead and try this at home! Before you start, have a conversation with your child about how you can customise the medal to make it special for them. You can make a medal to suit every occasion – or as gifts for loved ones! Most importantly, have fun working on this together!