Montessori at Home: Hari Raya Festive Treats!

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As a school based in multiracial Singapore, one of the most important celebrations for us is Eid or Hari Raya Puasa in Malay. It marks the end of the fasting month Ramadan; it is also a time of forgiveness and building bonds amongst family members. 

Homemade treats are a highlight of the festive season. This is a sweet and tasty snack that you and your child can make easily at home. Plan a trip to the supermarket together to gather the ingredients and make a list (older children can write it out, younger ones can draw the items). You can even discuss the individual ingredients – for example, what is honey, how is it made… the possibilities are endless! Refresh your memory about how to plan a supermarket field trip with our blog post here.

Remember that your role is to facilitate the making of the treats. Begin with a prepared environment and make sure the materials are ready beforehand. Focus on just one step at a time, and if your child does not know how, begin by doing the action slowly and quietly and letting them observe, and then give them the opportunity to do it on their own. Enjoy the finished product together! 

Honey Cornflake Cups

Ingredients Needed

    • Honey
    • Sugar (optional)
    • Melted Unsalted butter (45g)
    • Cornflakes (approximately 3/4s of a box)
    • Small Paper Cups
    • Baking Tray
    • Weighing Scale


Step 1. Measure 30g of honey

Step 2. Add in honey into the melted butter and sugar (optional).

Step 3. Mix it! 

Step 4. Pour the mixture into the cornflakes. 

Step 5. Ensure that the cornflakes are well coated with the mixture.

Step 6. Place a spoonful of cornflakes into the paper cups and bake for 10 mins. 

Honey cornflakes are ready to be served! 

With this simple and easy recipe, we hope that you will have fun working together with your child. We wish Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family if you are celebrating this special festival! 


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