Montessori at Home: Easter Bunny Streamers!

Easter celebrations are always fun! We usually will have Easter egg hunts, bunny mascots and even chocolate treats in school 

This is an easy and cute Easter Craft that your child will enjoy creating together with you. It is a great way to re-use what we can easily find at home – bottle caps and yarns! 

Crafting is fun, and it also enhances the fine motor skills of your child. This is especially important as these skills are essential for pencil grip development and eye-hand coordination. It can also be used to encourage independence. One of the key principles of Montessori is to allow the children to do, see and learn for themselves. For instance, using the scissors and hole puncherWith supervision, start with the basics. Show your child how to use these tools and encourage them to do it on their own. When they are provided with items they can hold and manipulate with their small hands, the more success they will feel and the more satisfaction the child will achieve. 

Can’t wait to find out more? Let’s get started! 

Easter Bunny Streamers

Materials Needed

    • Papers (white/coloured)
    • Hole Puncher 
    • Scissors 
    • Paint of various colours
    • Paing Brushes


Step 1. Dip the bottle caps into the coloured paint of your choice. Print it on the white paper. 

Step 2. Draw the long bunny ears as long as you can! Leave it to dry. 

* Make as many as bunnies as you can with different colours and bottle caps sizes! 

Step 3. The Easter bunny is formed after the facial features such as eyes and mouth are drawn. 

Step 4. Cut the shape of the bunny. Be careful in cutting the edges to ensure that the ears stay together! Repeat for the rest of the bunnies. 

Step 5. Make a hole in the bunny’s ear with the use of a hole puncher.  

Step 6. Thread the bunnies using a yarn/string. 

Now, you will have the bunny streamers ready to be used to be placed around the house!

Happy Easter Holidays! And may the Happy Easter Bunny bring us Spring time joy!