HotH Family Spotlight: Moran

Life after House on the Hill is an ongoing series where we look back at how the various graduates have been doing! In this article, we look at graduate Moran and his life in primary school.

Graduate of Year 2020 – Moran

Parents’ Names – Lifeng and Guanyu

1. What did you like about House on the Hill?

It is like a big family full of love, including kind teachers, natural environments, healthy food and scientific curriculums. All of these can help children grow up well, both in body and inner world.

2. At any point in Moran’s pre-school years did you have any reservation on how he will cope in Primary/Grade school?

We didn’t make too much extra preparations. Only in K2, we followed what the teachers required, and read story books together every day.

2. Do you think Moran was well prepared for Primary/Grade school in terms of Self Care, Confidence, Curriculum?

Yes, I think he was well prepared for the primary school.

During the HotH, Moran learnt how to take care of himself, including dressing up, preparing water and food, packing school bags etc. All of these helped him face school time alone greatly.

At HotH, different aged kids are together, elder ones always help teachers take care of younger ones. During this course, Moran learnt how to be with different people, find his way to get along, which supported his move to a new school quickly.

For the curriculum, I think there is no gap. The Montessori teaching method is similar to what he has learnt in the primary school, it built a good math concept and understanding for him. And the phonics teaching also helped Moran a lot. We speak Chinese at home, he learnt English by nature and from the teachers. Before graduation, he could talk with his teachers and friends smoothly.

3. How is Moran coping with Primary 1/Grade 1?

He transited to primary 1 more smoothly and quickly than we expected. On the first morning, he showed worry, but after the first day’s school we saw a big smile on his face. Now Moran loved his primary school, teachers and friends very much.

4. Your overall experience at House on the Hill.

We came to HotH in March 2017 and stayed here for almost 4 years. We witnessed the HotH from a small family preschool to a three-branch big preschool. At the same time, they accompanied Moran from a little innocent baby to a confident boy, and accompanied us from new parents to firm parents with clear goals.

When Moran first came here, he cannot speak any English, and cannot express himself. But the teachers were very patient, they taught him not only the English language but also how to take care of himself. To help Moran get used to the new environment, I often joined in the school activities, did different volunteer activities, made play dates with his classmates etc. Moran grew up here freely and comfortably, which gave him a memorable childhood and a strong base for the rest of his life.

5. What advice do you have for new parents of House on the Hill?

Trust the school, trust the teachers, trust your kids, follow the same principles as the school at home and join the school activities more. Then you can grow up together!

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